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Lost in Translation

or how to recognize yourself in this article and say to yourself " I am not so awefully lost"

by Nathalie Huet


reading time : 05:35min

Some days, everything goes wrong! You don't know who you are, what you want...but what is it you really want? Where do you stand? What's wrong? You don't know anymore but for sure, something's wrong!

Do you feel lost or stuck?

Welcome to Lost in Tranlation – Episode 1

It's been the same old tune for some days, some weeks and even some months. It's haunting you and it's waking you up at night. You know something is not right in your life anymore, you're straddling two worlds, you're not unhappy but you're not really happy either. There is some imbalance, you know it and you can feel it.

It all started very slowly, you're grumbling, you're complaining a little more often a to your partner or your friends, you're feeling less and less motivated to go to work in the morning, you envy those people around you and on TV who love their jobs, who dropped everything to start over a new career, you're dreaming this new career or you want to shake things up in your firm to keep doing a job you like but with better working conditions. You're doubting!

What if you had studied something else? What if you had had different qualifications or if you had carried out a different internship? What if you had chosen a different career or if you had accepted this job offer and not the other one? What if, what if, what if you would be a lot happier, a lot more in line with your job and your life...? Well, you would just be FULFILLED!

Except that before moving forward and being ready to act, there's a phase, which can be quite long for some people, where you need to accept that something must change and after that, you need to understand, analyze and finally take action.

Accepting you don't like your situation and taking yourself in charge is not that simple. It's not just about waking up one morning, opening the windows and telling the whole world:

"Hey guys, now, I'm done! I want to change! (Change jobs, change careers, change boss, change anything, everything...!)

Indeed, it might have taken you some time to realize you needed to change careers or firms? And indeed, it's a long way to travel...

Some people suffer deeper, physically or morally and don't see how they could find the right balance between their work life and who they really are. 

The first time you really doubt is your "LOST IN TRANSLATION" period, but it's just the first episode.

I can imagine some people are already smiling - "That's not me! Not at all! It's just some temporary hard time, a period of doubts, everyone gets one!" whereas others aren't smiling anymore – "Well, ok, here we are, I'm really lost!"

No worry, you can be cured. You'll find your way back! Maybe what you need is just the right map.

In fact, even if you feel lost, you have probably already done something! You may have already taken steps – you may have updated your CV, you may have registered on job search sites, you receive personalized job offers (but you barely read them) and you tell everyone "I've made up my mind, I want a new job!"

As if saying it aloud and making this stage of life audible and credible was already the first step.

Yes, you may have already taken those steps! Well done! And now?  Where do you stand? Did it work?

 If you now really feel happy, fulfilled and you have a job you like, then congratulations!

But often, those first steps didn't help you analyze carefully what you truly wanted, what you truly missed and what you were really looking for...

Does it ring a bell? It does...unfortunately (or fortunately), it does and you'll have to dig further to get the right answers.

And now, you have doubts again. LOST IN TRANSLATION – episode 2 on air

Maybe this quest had remained unsuccessful in the end? Or maybe the job is not the problem? A job is just a job and something else might be wrong. Do you just need to learn how to deal with stress, anxiety and anger? You'll feel better...

Do you just need to make efforts to get on well with your colleagues? Do you just need to feel better accepted in your workplace?

Here we are! You've forgotten you wanted a change and you deal with the situation. In the end, maybe it's just what real life's about, isn't it?

And suddenly, you find yourself at a party, in the course of a conversation or an article and it all comes back. You look at yourself in the mirror: NO, you're not happy in your work life, YES, you want more! You want to succeed at work, you want to feel involved, and you want to feel in harmony with yourself!

And here we are again, but this time, it's stronger than the first time! Your need to change is more pressing. You're going to take actions again but differently this time.

So if you don't get stopped by the "Anyway this is impossible" train (*see explanations down the page), you and I are going to meet.

For changing jobs or careers, finding a job you like, feeling just fine in your professional life while in harmony with who you really are, having a job which corresponds to what you think, what you love and what you want is indeed possible! 

Nothing's easy, it's hard, it takes time and you'll be lost again, but this time, you'll find your way, just make sure you use the right map!


  1. Don't struggle on your own: You won't succeed alone, or maybe just a little. Surround yourself with people who are looking for the right vocation or who also wish for a change.
  2. Take action: Well, to change jobs, you need to…work! Work on what you want, what you expect, what you can do and what you can't do...You won't find those on any street corner, but you'll find them using retraining tools, personal development courses, coaching courses!
  3. Draw your own plan/map: What do YOU need to succeed?

I don't know about you, you're the only one who can answer the question but yet, you'll be able to find your way making efforts and using some help and you'll know when you find the right one!

But remember: you'll have to widen your horizons, discover new worlds, take new paths to eventually find the one that's made for you.

This is your way out, out of LOST IN TRANSLATION! Welcome to COMETA'S world!

(Ed: as far as the "Anyway this is impossible" train is concerned, it's really weird. But no worried, everybody's already taken it! It often comes and goes, you may come across it in "you don't meet the requirements" stations, "but you know it's not that easy" stations or even in the "I'm too old for a career change" station. This train also stops at the "I don't know what I want, I won't manage" station! I call it the train of the "IMPOSSIBLES", but again, don't panic! You'll be able to escape and hop on the "YES, YOU CAN" train! You'll see, this one is really better! )

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