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The differences between French and Spanish Cometers

A totally biased analysis of intercultural approachs of Jobfulness collective thinking & doing

As an INTERNATIONAL startup, we have very proud to have launched “ Kickstart your Jobfulness” trainings both in Paris and Madrid.

We have noted significant differences between French and Spanish people regarding the attitude in collective personal & professional development trainings. These differences are very interesting to highlight, not to make a competition (Cometa is definitely as French as Spanish!) but merely to take awareness of how our culture can affect us.

Let´s go !

Important : This is a totally biased analysis based on 2 experiments with 15 people each.

In Madrid our Cometers were not only Spanish but also French, Nicaraguese, Peruvian, Belgium.

And in Paris our Cometers were all French but not all from Paris !

We do not pretend at all create generalities out of that, but just feel some differences at a small scale !

  • +1 PARIS : Punctuality

The training started at 9am on saturday morning. At 8.55 am the first participant arrived, at 9.05 everyone had taken his/her black coffee and a croissant and at 9.10 we could started the agenda !

In Madrid at 9.20 am we were still waiting for half of the group… Poco a poco  :)

  • +1 MADRID : Speak out

In Paris each small groups session ended with a plenary debriefing session. “ Anyone wants to share..?”. Absolute silence. Always a flop. “Ok so then let´s move on…”

While in Madrid our Cometers just could not stop talking !! Which led to shift the conversation towards LOVE, relationships, sexual life...In Madrid we have had a thorough view about Jobfulness !

We could definitely feel the French “pudeur” (a 100% French word expressing a sense of modesty / shame / dignity) vs the lively exuberance of Latin temper.

  • +1 PARIS : Small groups sharing

Yet French people were very active in small group sharing, respecting each other time of talk, very engaged in bringing new ideas and perspectives to each other

… while our Cometers in Madrid struggled more respecting times.

  • +1 MADRID : El abrazo

We definitely want to export the Spanish ABRAZO to Paris ! This connected, tender and vivid HUG would warm up the tough French winter and lighten all the hearts !

  • 1-1 : Male participation

Both in Madrid and Paris only 3 men participated to the training : these men are Hero !

We understand accepting you need help, being ok to share your concerns and doubts collectively may be more easy for women. Yet, we believe masculinity is evolving towards more acceptance of vulnerability. We need this kind of men who accept their sensibility, vulnerability and need of others.

So we will be our next Male Cometers HEROS ??

  • 3-3 : Strong motivation

Waking up at 8am a saturday morning to spend 11 hours in a same place to take a deep dive into who you are and what makes you unique, work with concrete tools, build an experimentation plan, share in group …it all requires a good deal of motivation !  

Our French and Spanish Cometers IMPRESSED US by their crazy energy, deep motivation and enthusiasm !

  • 3-3 : Deep emotion leading to action

However it was expressed - by Abrazos, energizing smiles, confident looks, nice words - we felt in Paris and Madrid a very deep emotion. A very positive emotion leading to ACTION.

“ I still feel shaked by this day. Thank you for this gift that gave me energy to go for my next step.” Françoise, Paris

“The more I think about this journey, the more amazed and motivated I am.” Lucile, Paris

“ Cometa gave me a lot of energy to shape my project”. Patricia, Madrid

“ I get out from here completely exhausted and more motivated than ever!” Magali, Madrid

In conclusion, French and Spanish Cometers definitely demonstrated a different relationship to time and expression.

But they all shared in common a deep motivation, emotion and desire to shift from thinking to doing and reach their Jobfulness. Beyond cultural differences, this is what Cometa pledges for.

★★ What if we mixed French and Spanish Cometers all together in Madrid or at the countryside with Co-Gîtons : how would it be ? How the cultural differences would get twisted ? How INTENSE the “ Chispa” would be ?

It will surely be VERY BIG ! 

Crazy experiments coming soon ! ★★

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